In Interactive Presentation, students create a presentation and make it interactive using Scratch. Students add at least three slides, including a title slide that introduces their topic. Students learn how to present reports, research, or alternative story endings in a way that engages an audience and encourages collaboration


Learning Objectives

  • Create an interactive presentation in Scratch for CS First that includes text, images, and animation.
  • Use event blocks (like “when this sprite clicked”) to trigger a series of code.
  • Sequence at least 3 “say” blocks to introduce their topic (by selecting a narrator sprite).

Computer Science Topics Covered

  • Parallelism: The process of events happening at the same time, either independently or interdependently.
  • Debugging: The process of identifying and fixing error(s) in a program when it is not functioning as expected.
  • Control structures: Sections of code that order the direction or flow of how a program functions. The control structure in this lesson is focused on loops.

Build Your Presentation

Add More Slides

Animate Your Sprite

Add Sound

Add Movement


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